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The Economics Of Politics

Gordon Tullock. The Economics Of Politics Authors:Gordon Tullock.
Publisher:Liberty Fund Inc.
Price:2021 rub.

Book Summary:
"The Economics of Politics" is the fourth volume in Liberty Funds "The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock". This volume includes some of Gordon Tullocks most noteworthy contributions to the theory and application of public choice, which is a relatively new science that links economics and political action. This volume combines the best parts of two of his books, "Private Wants: Public Means" and "On Voting", as well as his famous monograph "The Vote Motive". The common thread of "The Economics of Politics" is the importance of the bond between Homo politicus and Homo economicus: they are the same species, each driven largely by self-interest in vigorous pursuit of such personal objectives as wealth, power, prestige, and income security within the confines of society. "The Economics of Politics" covers such diverse public choice topics as: the nature and origins of public choice, the power of using economic analysis to understand and predict the behavior of politically...

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