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The Economy Today

Bradley R. Schiller. The Economy Today Authors:Bradley R. Schiller.
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Irwin
Price:3761 rub.

Book Summary:
Explicit Policy Orientation. Schiller tightens the link between theory and policy by repeatedly referring to the policy sequence of goal-setting, strategy development, and tactical choices - all rooted in economic theory, increasing understanding and more clearly defining policy methods for the principles student. "The Economy Today" uses economic policy to show the reality and relevance of economics; every chapter starts and ends with policy issues and contains a wealth of real-world applications. Clear, Approachable Theory. In addition to an abundance of real-world applications, clear, approachable theory helps professors teach economics, not just increase awareness of policy issues. To that end, "The Economy Today" provides a logically organized and uncluttered theoretical structure for macro, micro, and international theory in a lively, student-friendly manner. Core Questions. "The Economy Today" utilizes the core...

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