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The American Economic History Reader: Documents and Readings

John Malsberger. The American Economic History Reader: Documents and Readings Authors:John Malsberger.
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Book Summary:
Economics as a discipline often relies on abstract theories and formulas to explain the functions of national economies. American Economic History: Documents and Readings is a collection of primary documents and essays illustrating the practical applications of these theories in real life, showing how and why the American economy developed as it did. It identifies and explains some of the key questions in economic history, as well as documents some of the leading voices in the discipline. Suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter provide students with an additional study tool. Twelve chapters survey the development and growth of the American economy from colonial times through the presidency of George W. Bush. Each chapter focuses on a controversial issue in American economic history and includes two or more articles written by experts that provide different interpretations of that issue, together with a series of related primary source documents. Each chapter...

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