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Understanding the World Economy

Tony Cleaver. Understanding the World Economy Authors:Tony Cleaver.
Price:6901 rub.

Book Summary:
The world economy is in a constant state of flux, understanding the changing nature of world economic affairs can prove a daunting task. Tony Cleaver, in the third edition of this internationally successful text, comprehensively examines and illuminates all major global economic developments. Key topics include: A China's rapid economic growth A Increasing concerns over the direction of Russia's transition; A The recent financial crisis in Argentina A The enlargement of the European Union. A Concerns over the economics of oil and the environment A Current research in New Institutional Economics and property rights, Foundations of markets and the problems of economic development. Understanding the World Economy combines current world case studies with the accessible style and structure of the previous editions, ensuring that this book remains essential reading for all students studying economics and for lay readers.

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