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Jacob Mincer: A Pioneer of Modern Labor Economics

Jacob Mincer: A Pioneer of Modern Labor Economics Authors:
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Book Summary:
This volume contains essays by or about Jacob Mincer who, along with Gary Becker, is a founding father of modern empirical labor economics. His methodology analyzes the economics of the working world, and his human capital model is a fundamental tool in empirical economics. This is a very personal collection. It not only examines Mincerís research; it also assesses the impact of his work on the careers of several important economists and includes portions of Mincerís correspondence with those scholars. Shoshana Grossbard is professor of economics at San Diego State University and founding editor of the Review of Economics of the Household. She graduated from the University of Chicago where she studied New Home Economics with Jacob Mincer and Gary Becker. Professor Grossbard teaches and lectures throughout the world and is the author of five previous books and more than 40 journal articles.

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