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New Economy Handbook

Derek C. Jones. New Economy Handbook Authors:Derek C. Jones.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionThe New Economy Handbook will primarily serve reference users in business schools, economics departments, public and university libraries, special libraries, and institutions/agencies concerned with finance, trade, e-commerce, banking, and other regulatory, trade, and commercial activities. Secondary users will be business professionals and managers, as well as entrepreneurs, bankers, and others who need traditional economic information and data about new technology firms. Becauseof the scope of its table of contents, the book might well be used as a supplement to many courses. The revolutions that brought about the New Economy are quietly embedded in familiar, old products, not necessarily ringing, beeping, and vibrating next to our skins. Why is the bulky, battery-operated e-book the new economy, while Lockheed-Martin's swooping F-16 is consigned to the Old Economy? The information technology boom of the 1990s stoked a New Economy characterized by...

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