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Introduction to Environmental Economics

Nick Hanley, Jason Shogren, Ben White. Introduction to Environmental Economics Authors:Nick Hanley, Jason Shogren, Ben White.
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Book Summary:
Accessible to students with little or no background in the subject, An Introduction to Environmental Economics, Second Edition, features an exceptionally clear writing style, a global approach, and wide-ranging theoretical coverage. The first part of the book carefully explains core economic concepts, while the second part shows how these concepts are used to develop policy responses to several of today's most vital environmental issues including climate change, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Ideal for upper-level undergraduate courses in environmental economics, the text incorporates a variety of case studies drawn from around the world and assesses different economic theories in the context of environmental issues.New to this Edition* Four new chapters on the economics of natural resource use, incentives for the environment, the economics of water quality, and the economics of waste* Substantially revised chapters on the economics of climate change and on biodiversity*...

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