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Socialism, Economics and Development (Routledge Revivals)

Alec Nove. Socialism, Economics and Development (Routledge Revivals) Authors:Alec Nove.
Price:4794 rub.

Book Summary:
First published in 1986, this text brings together a selection of papers written by the great Alec Nove on development economics, Marxist economies, the Soviet economy, and Law and Politics in the Soviet Union. Reflecting the varied and diverse interests of its distinguished author, the topics range from Soviet Constitutional Law, to Trotskya??s view of Collectivization; from a critique of conventional micro-economics, to the economic disaster of the Allende regime in Chile. The authora??s long-standing immersion in the past and present of the Soviet Union helps to provide the unique insights into the workings of Socialist economies characteristic of Professor Novea??s previous work. This volume should be essential reading for anyone interested in development economics, socialist economies, or the problems facing contemporary Soviet economic reformers.

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