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Economic Exploitation Of Bangladesh

Mahfuz R. Chowdhury. Economic Exploitation Of Bangladesh Authors:Mahfuz R. Chowdhury.
Price:5993 rub.

Book Summary:
Economic Exploitation of Bangladesh is a great handbook for anyone looking to understand the social, political and economic history of Bangladesh. It presents a brief account of the major foreign influences that prevented the country's economic development prior to achieving its independence, and the main reasons why after so many years of political freedom the country has also failed to make vital economic improvements. The chapters are short, relevant, and written at a non-technical level, making them accessible and easily understandable. They offer a general historical analysis, leaving the reader with a grasp of the economic concepts at work. Economic Exploitation of Bangladesh provides important insight into why Bangladesh, despite the tremendous influx of foreign aid, continues to remain one of the most impoverished countries of the world. The author concludes by outlining a number of measures that will help make Bangladesh economically viable.

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