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Dictionary of Economics

Jae K. Shim, Joel G. Siegel. Dictionary of Economics Authors:Jae K. Shim, Joel G. Siegel.
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Book Summary:
A dictionary of economics you don't have to be an economist to understand! What do you do when unfamiliar terms such as balanced budget multiplier, Laffer curve, Keynesian economics, or bond ratings crop up in a political speech, news item, or business discussion? You could look them up in one of the many "popular" economics references now on the market and wander helplessly through a maze of obscure technical jargon, abstract formulations, and undefined terms. Or, you could turn to the Dictionary of Economics by Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel, where you'll find everything you need to quickly acquire a solid working knowledge of over 2,200 economics-related terms, including: Clear, detailed, jargon-free definitions, written in plain English All important new terms and slang as well as traditional economics terminology Loads of examples and applications drawn from the worlds of business, finance, and politics Easy-to-read diagrams, charts, graphs, and...

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