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Hawai'I Becalmed: Economic Lessons of the 1990s

Christopher Grandy. Hawai'I Becalmed: Economic Lessons of the 1990s Authors:Christopher Grandy.
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Book Summary:
"At the annual average rate of growth Hawaii experienced between 1959 and 1990, the size of the economy would double every 14 years. At the rate of growth experienced between 1991 and 1998, it would take 93 years for Hawaii's economy to double in size." --- From the Introduction What happened during the decade of the 1990s that caused Hawaii's once full economic sails to deflate, leaving the economy in the doldrums? What can Hawaii's leaders do to revive economic growth-or can anything be done? What lessons does this period of prolonged economic stagnation hold for those who care about Hawaii's future? The author recounts many of the external and internal events that affected Hawaii during the 1990s, their long-term economic impact, and the issues that elected policymakers must address to restart the economy. For example, the economic bubble that derived from Japan's hyper-inflated economy in the late 1980s, and the subsequent pinpricks provided by the Gulf War, the...

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