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Economics: The Culture of a Controversial Science

Melvin Warren Reder. Economics: The Culture of a Controversial Science Authors:Melvin Warren Reder.
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Book Summary:
Economics has always had an unstable reputation in the academic world as well as in the public eye. Some consider economists to be scientists while others see them as disguised ideologues. The resulting insecurity of their discipline's status has driven economists continually to redefine its scope, methods, and content. Since the 1930s economists have increasingly emphasized the scientific, quantitative side of their field, which has directed research to topics that can be elaborated through mathematical models. Economist Melvin Reder argues that this ongoing historical shift has been the result of pressure from two directions: from society's demand that expert advice be based on "scientific findings," and from economists themselves, who havewanted to view their own profession as a science. This book describes the profession of economics as it has developed in response to these challenges. The diversity of the responses points to persistent internal disagreements...

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