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Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One

Thomas Sowell. Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One Authors:Thomas Sowell.
Price:3494 rub.

Book Summary:
The ideal companion volume to the acclaimed Basic Economics --a guide to how our economic decisions turn out in practical terms. The application of economics to major contemporary real world problems--housing, medical care, discrimination, the economic development of nations--is the theme of this new book that tackles these and other issues head on in plain language, as distinguished from the usual jargon of economists. It examines economic policies not simply in terms of their immediate effectsbut also in terms of their later repercussions, which are often very different and longer lasting. The interplay of politics with economics is another theme of Applied Economics , whose examples are drawn from experiences around the world, showing how similar incentives and constraints tend to produce similar outcomes among very disparate peoples and cultures.

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