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The African Economic Dilemma

Ekema J. Manga. The African Economic Dilemma Authors:Ekema J. Manga.
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Book Summary:
Dr. E.J. Manga's "The African Economic Dilemma" analyzes and presents research on the current economic situation and the long-range planning strategies meant to revive the Cameroon economy. Along the way, the author challenges many economic and management assumptions. The study extensively uses two qualitative research techniques: a historical method or procedure, and a descriptive in-depth interview method. The applied qualitative methodology is also accompanied by analysis of managerial, economic strategies, tables and economic models that are necessary and required to be implemented by the Cameroon government. "The African Economic Dilemma" does not presume to direct national leaders in Cameroon on how to properly formulate and implement issues such as the nation's economic policy. However, a key issue addressed relates to the actions the Cameroon government can take to achieve its goal of self-sustained growth. This study amalgamates economics and management to produce a plan for...

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