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The MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy - 2nd Edition

Robert C. Hsu. The MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy - 2nd Edition Authors:Robert C. Hsu.
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Book Summary:
Praise for the first edition ". . . a valuable reference for anyone interested in Japan's economy. . . provides essential background information as to how Japan's bureaucracy functions, how its trade relationships have developed, and why some policies are as firmly entrenched as they are." -- Far Eastern Economic Review The MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy was the first English-language encyclopedia to cover all major aspects of Japan's postwar economy. The second edition has been fully revised and expanded, and includes previously unpublished data as well as coverage of recent developments in the economy. The definitional entries concisely explain major economic concepts and include translations of Japanese economic terms and cross references to the longer topical essays. The 180 topical essays cover banks, financial systems, major industries, corporate groups, management practices, labor unions, international trade and investments, government economic policies, and more....

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