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Obama's Economy: Recovery for the Few

Jack Rasmus. Obama's Economy: Recovery for the Few Authors:Jack Rasmus.
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Book Summary:
Three years after his election, Barack Obama presides over a deep economic malaise. Radical economist Jack Rasmus shows how the Obama administration has failed to deliver economic recovery and social justice and puts forward alternative proposals which could realize these goals. While corporate profits are up, economic hardship is the bitter reality for millions of US citizens. Rasmus argues that the weakest economic recovery since 1947 is the direct result of the Obama administration's failure to take decisive action. From Obama's presidential election to the passage of his 2012 budget, this book explains how the US economy got where it is today and why the risk of a "double dip" recession is rising. Obama's Economy will be vital reading for students of US politics and economics, as well as all those looking for a way out of the current crisis of capitalism.

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